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100 Percent Noni Juice from Puna

If you are looking for 100 percent noni juice, you are in the right spot.

My friend Jim and his ever-growing family have started this business just a few years ago and since then his healthy noni juice has found it’s way into many households around the world. Jim’s company NoniConnection is a pure family business. All his noni is naturally grown in the rich, fertile soil of Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Noni has been part of the Polynesian medicinal science for hundred of years and has shown many beneficial effects on the body’s immune system, digestive system and overall health.

That’s why it is important that the noni juice that you buy is not just natural noni juice but most importantly 100 percent noni juice. If your juice has added fruit juices, added sugar or is diluted with water, you will actually never know how much noni juice you get.

Many people think that noni juice is not very tasty, but in my experience noni juice only tastes bad when it’s made from unripe fruit or pulp. Natural noni jucie from ripened noni fruit is actually very mild in taste.

I actually don’t mind the taste of noni, but I use the following recipe every morning:
1 oz 100 percent noni juice
4-6 oz of orange juice

I’m sure you can mix all kinds of fruit juice with noni juice, but I just liked this one from the first moment, so I never tried anything else.

All of Jim’s products including noni capsules, noni soap, noni hand and body lotion and noni shampoo and conditioner are all made of 100 percent noni juice.

Click here to see his 100 percent Noni Juice products at NoniAloha.com

If you are interested in wholesale noni products - farmers direct, check here

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