Natural Noni Juice from Puna

When my friend Jim (NoniConnection) talks about natural noni juice, the word “natural” is meant in two ways.

First of all it indicates that the noni juice is sold 'as is'. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away! There are no added fruit juices, sugars, flavors, water or other dilutants. In that way you know exactly how much noni juice you are drinking. And if you really think that you need to improve the taste of your noni juice, just add some fruit juice like orange juice.

And secondly “natural” indicates that the noni juice is produced according to the traditional Hawaiian recipe. It uses whole fruit only, no bark nor leaves.

So how is the noni juice from NoniConnection made?

The fresh fruit is hand picked and washed, then packed into sterile tanks to undergo an aging or fermentation process for 2 months. After aging the fruit is cold-pressed and the noni juice drained from the tanks. It is immediately pasteurized and bottled in a facility inspected by the Hawaii Dept of Health. The leftover pulp is returned to field as compost or fertilizer or else discarded. It is not left in the aging tank, or freeze-dried into a powder to be sold as capsules to an unsuspecting public.

And Jim is so convinced that you like his natural noni juice, that he installed a no-hassle return policy. If you don’t like his juice, just simply return any unused portions for a complete refund.

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