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Puna Talk

Puna Talk is by far the best forum on the net about the Puna district. There are also some other websites like subdivision forums and the city-data.com forum, but what makes this forum so great, is that there are many locals posting on it, so it's great for newbies who want to get a little bit an insight on what is happening here and what it would be like to live in here.

I have found a lot of very valuable information there and the people are very open and straight forward. You will meet house owners, builders, business people, prospective buyers, real estate agents and other Punatics. Many of the members are posting there for years and have great knowledge about the area, about possible developments and Puna specific issues.

The forum is sitting on the Punaweb website, which is not very updated, nor is their Puna News thing, but where we are you have to take what you can get.

The internet is not as big as in many other places in this country. Many people live alternative lifestyles here and don't really use the internet. Plus the most frequent communication channel in Puna is "talking story". You talk to the store owners, restaurant waiters or the guy at the next gas pump. Many times it feels like time stands still.

Anyway if you are posting on the forum, make sure that you do a search there, because a lot of questions are already answered there. Make sure you are respectful and follow usual forum etiquette. People sometimes getting their frustration out, be understanding.

Overall my impression of the Puna talk forum is though that people really want to help, have a sense of community and want to keep Puna a great place. Aloha Aina!

Here is the link to Puna Talk

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