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What is SSPP in Puna?

SSPP in Puna stands for Special Subdivision Project Provision and is a program installed by the Hawaiian Electric Light Company (HELCO) to provide line extensions to parcels in rural subdivisions.

HELCO has divided the eligible Puna areas into so-called SSPP units. Those within a given unit, who want to participate in the program, will share the cost. The participation in the program is voluntary. The cost varies wildly in different areas and depends not only on the location but also on the distance to an existing power line. But usually the cost is somewhere between $2,000-4,000, although we have seen it be as much as $8,000 in Hawaiian Acres.

The customer only pays 1/3 of the actual cost. It can be paid off in cash or as a loan after a 10% down payment in very affordable monthly installments (usually under $50/month) over a period of 30 years.

SSPP in Puna brings the power to your property – not necessarily to your home. To bring power to your home site will add some cost. The fees for that depend on how far back your home is from the road and if any additional poles will be necessary to bring the electricity there.

Even if there are already power poles in front of your property that doesn’t mean that the SSPP is paid up yet. You will need to pay that before your property will get hooked up.

HELCO will only bring power to your property if you have a valid building permit, although it is possible that they will provide you a temporary hook up for one year before you have your permit pulled.To find out the exact cost and timeframe of bringing electricity to your property you’ll need to contact the Hawaiian Electric Light Co. yourself and provide them with all the details about where your property is located.

The cost per pole is between $4000-5000. HELCO requires you to have clear path between the street and the meter. If the meter is more than 100 feet from the road you will need additional poles on your property.

Just contact Hawaii Electric Light Co Inc, Engineering, New Construction Installation of Lines Poles, Hilo, (808) 969-0311.

When you inquire about any new property that you are considering purchasing, make sure you always ask about the property’s specific situation with getting electricity through SSPP in Puna.

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